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You might recognize Dave Mongielo as the owner of Mongielo’s Auto Specialties on Robinson Road in Lockport, or perhaps you've encountered him actively participating in community fundraisers. Dave is also known for his presence on the radio, his government reform seminars, and his role as a volunteer firefighter. However, he is most commonly referred to as the “sign guy,” a title that has come with its share of controversy due to claims from officials that he operates his sign unlawfully.

Beyond these roles, Dave is driven by a profound passion for assisting others, a trait that has been evident since his teenage years when he began fixing cars for free at his home. This passion took on a new dimension eight years ago when he and his wife Susan started attending fundraising events. Dave believes in the power of helping one another, a belief that has only strengthened in the face of political challenges regarding his sign.

The sign dispute has significantly impacted Dave’s life, leading him to extensive research and participation in government, civics, and law seminars. He questions why such crucial subjects are not part of today’s grade school curriculum, as they were 75 years ago. Dave encourages people to test their civics knowledge, highlighting a general lack of awareness in this area.

Dave is determined to raise awareness about the crucial processes that precede voting, which has inspired him to create the “win a car” contest for students aged 16 to 20. He remains steadfast in his opposition to local government practices, despite accruing over $25,000 in fees from zoning board dealings and facing strong opposition from county politicians.

Dave’s business, Mongielo’s Auto Specialties, has been a pillar of support for customers dealing with insurance companies that cut corners on collision repair. He advocates for the use of original, high-quality parts and emphasizes the importance of ASE Master Certifications in repair facilities.

With a 98.5% approval rating in a AAA customer survey, Mongielo’s Auto Specialties stands out as a trusted and highly regarded service provider in Western New York. To learn more about Dave and his perspectives, tune into WLVL 1340 on the first Monday of every month at 12pm.

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